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The Chronicle of Pakistan
Compiled by Khurram Ali Shafique
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3. Bahawalpur accedes to Pakistan.

8. Pakistan denounces division of Palestine.

14. Daily Jang, a new 4-page evening newspaper from Karachi

20. Diplomatic relations established between Pakistan and USA: A.H.Ispahani first ambassador

22. Indian forces occupy Manavadar.

23. PM Liaquat proposes to Nehru that the two governments should discuss and settle the conditions for the holding of a plebiscite in Junagadh.

26. Jinnah answers a telegram from the Government of Kashmir, dated October 18, but released to the press before it could reach him. He says that it is quite obvious that the real intention of the Maharajah is "to join the Indian Dominion as a coup d'etat by securing the intervention and assistance of that Dominion," and reiterates the urgency for the Government of Kashmir to hold a meeting with the authorities in Pakistan - a request that has been refuted many times in last few weeks.

28. Pakistan refuses to accept India's justification for the intervention.

31. Jinnah addresses a deputation of the Committee of Action of the Punjab Muslim Studens Federation (the student wing of the Muslim League) at Lahore: "You are the nation-builders of tomorrow and you must fully equip yourself by discipline, education and training for the arduous task lying ahead of you."



1947: October


Jinnah wants the minorities to stay in Pakistan

Saturday 11, Karachi. Pakistan wants its non-Muslim population to stay. Addressing a gathering of Civil, Naval, Military and Air Force Officers in Khaliqdina Hall, Karachi, the Quaid-i-Azam stated: "I have repeatedly made it clear in my utterances, both private and public, that we would treat the minorities fairly and that nothing is farther from our thoughts than to drive them away. I, however, regret to say that the minorities here did not give us a chance to prove our bonafides and give us their whole-hearted co-operation as citizens of Pakistan when the crisis suddenly overtook us. Before we could assume the reins of office, non-Muslims started pulling out of Pakistan, which, as subsequent events have proved, was part of a well-organized plan to cripple Pakistan."

Auchenlick will leave

Thursday 16, Lahore. Auchenlick suggests in a meeting of Joint Defense Council that the office of the Supreme Commander should be liquefied by November 30. Pakistan opposes the suggestion while India supports it.

Apparently, Auchenlick's decision is prompted by the resentment of the Indian politicians against his treatment of Pakistan in the division of arms and army stores.

Indian army arrives in Kashmir

Monday 27, Kashmir. Indian forces have landed into Kashmir. Pakistani premier Liaquat Ali Khan was informed of this move by his Indian opposite number Nehru in a telegram. Nehru maintains that the intervention by the Indian army has followed an instrument of accession from the Maharaja of Kashmir, who found himself helpless against the tribal invasion.

Jinnah visits Lahore

Thursday 30, Lahore. Jinnah addressed a rally at the University Stadium here today: "Do not be afraid of death," he said. Defending the decision of the Muslim League to accept the 3rd June Plan (which created Pakistan but also forced partition of Punjab and Bengal much to the anguish of the new state), he said: "I would like to tell that the consequences of any other alternative would have been too disastrous to imagine."

He has also made a broadcast speech from Radio Pakistan, Lahore, today. "We have been squeezed in as much as it ws possible," he says, "and the latest blow we have received was the Award of the Boundary Commission. It is an unjust, incomprehensible and even perverse Award... but we had agreed to abide by it and... as honorable people we must abide by it."

Kashmir chalo

Wednesday 22. Following complaints of high-handedness against the Muslim population by the forces of the Hindu Maharajah of Kashmir, a lashkar (army) of tribal volunteers from Pakistan has crossed into the state. Reportedly, Jinnah doesn't know about it, and when someone tried to tell him, he refused to listen, saying, "Let my conscience be clear of it."

Mission Kashmir

Sunday 26, Kashmir. The tribal lashkar is now close to Sri Nagar, and the Rajah has fled from Srinagar to Jammu. However, following the occupation of many towns and villages on the way, the tribal volunteers are now busy plundering the property and raping women - they claim that this is their privilege since Islam permits to take booty (maal e ghanimet), including kaneez, or enemy women captured during war.

Pakistan supports the Arabs in Palestine

Saturday 25. Duncan Hooper, correspondent of Reuter interviewed Jinnah today. Answering a question about Pakistan's attitude towards the partition plan for Palestine, Jinnah stated: "The leader of our delegation to the UNO, Sir Mohammad Zafrullah Khan, has clearly defined out position regarding the latest developments in Palestine and I do still hope that the partition plan will be rejected, otherwise it is bound to be the gravest disaster and unprecendented conflict, not only between the Arabs and the authority that would undertake to enforce the partition plan, but the entire Muslim world will revolt against such a decision which cannot be supported historically, politically or morally."

Regarding the relations between India and Pakistan, Jinnah stated that "we should bury the past and resolve that, despite all that has happened, we shall remain friends." He said that as neighbours the two dominions can help raise the prestige of each other, but India must stop its propaganda that Pakistan is a "temporary madness." He said that Pakistan has come to stay and will stay, and there cannot be any forced union between the two countries. Two-nation theory, he said, is not a theory but a fact and it has been proven by, among other things, by the "action of the Dominion of India in pulling out Hindus from Pakistan as their nationals."

Governor Cunnigham's crisis

Saturday 25, Peshawar. Defence Secretary Iskander Mirza revealed the details of the tribal invasion of Kashmir to the Governor Cunningham (NWFP) today. Mirza was meeting the governor on behalf of PM Liaquat, who could not visit in person due to heart problem. Cunningham was greatly upset on what he considered a savage infilitration, and wanted to resign on the spot. Mirza appeased him by explaining that the tribals could not have been stopped: they are retaliating to the attrocities committed by the state forces of Kashmir on its Muslim citizens.

Some 17000 employees of the Government of Pakistan stranded in India have gathered in Bombay, from where they are trickling into the capital of the new country. It may take a few months before all of them reach Karachi.

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