'New Discoveries about The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam' (Iqbal Review, April 2007)

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The Beast and the Lion

In our times, even Eastern poets are interpreted according to dominant trends of Western literature, which are pessimistic at least since 1923. What if this was reversed? This pioneering study compares 'The Second Coming' (1919) by Yeats with 'March 1907' (1907) by Iqbal in an independent manner usually forbidden in universities.

Iqbal - an Approach to Pakistan (2007)

The first telefilm about the life of Iqbal runs in parallel timelines: (a) the world of Iqbal from 1904-30, (b) contemporary Pakistan, circa 2006 where "Armaan" (protagonist from the definitive movie of the 1980s, Nahin Abhi Nahin) has questions and doubts about the meaning of Pakistan - until he starts "meeting" Iqbal on (c) a rather surrealistic plane which is timeless.

The Republic of Rumi - a Novel of Reality (2007)

Internal coherence in the works of Iqbal demonstrates a new system of thought, unnoticed so far. The findings are presented here in the form of a narrative which takes you through the “Garden of Poetry” for discovering something new about yourself.

Iqbal - Tashkeely Daur, 1905-13 (2009)

Second book in a six-part comprehensive life of Iqbal, which is being written according to a new method in biography. When the first book was published in 2003, a review in Dawn stated, "Khurram Ali Shafique has the gift of bringing to the popular level intricate lessons of history and in the present case he has used this gift most dedicatedly."

Layla Majnun (2002)

Popular television serial presenting characters from Khamseh by the 12th Century Persian poet Nezami Ganjavi in modern setting (video is title song from the serial; lyrics by Ibne Insha).

Samandar ki Awaz Suno (1993)

Biographical novel about Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan - conceived from the rhythms of Ravel's Bolero and presenting the development of a freedom-loving soul into the father of a free nation.

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Title Song from Layla Majnun (2002), TV serial written by Khurram Ali Shafique. Lyrics by Ibne Insha

This is like a personal library, or even classroom where I wish to share my findings about the Republic of Rumi, a concept I presented in 2007. Previous writings are also accessible from here.

O people of the Book! Come let us join together on the ‘word’ [Unity of God], that is common to us all. (Quran)

The infinite meaning of this verse is supposed to work out through Pakistan. It never happened in history, but can it happen now?

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This book is a commendable effort to bring together the various aspects of Iqbal in an interesting manner with visual embellishment. It is a one-volume encyclopedia of his life, work and times.

Justice (R) Dr. Javid Iqbal

...an encyclopedic biography that covers all these aspects of the mind of Iqbal, without removing him from his various contexts: his time, his beautiful expression, and his unconditional faith in a common future for humanity.

Shamsur Rahman Faruqi

A well-written and nicely produced illustrated biography of Allama Iqbal, that can also be presented as a fine specimen of the state of printing art in our country...

Kazy Javed, The News International

Iqbal: an Illustrated Biography

Khurram Ali Shafique

Iqbal Academy Pakistan (Federal Ministry of Culture)

This is the first coffee-table encyclopedia about the life, times and works of Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), the foremost disciple of Rumi in modern times who conceived the idea of Pakistan.


Prologue: Voices

The Young Poet-Philosopher, 1877-1905

The Dark Night of the Soul, 1905-13

Illumination, 1914-22

Unsuspected Harmonies, 1923-30

What Lies Beyond, 1931-38

  Epliogue: Legacy


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