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The Republic of Rumi

The Beast and the Lion

Issues of transcendence
in the poetry of Yeats and Iqbal

by Khurram Ali Shafique

About what do they ask one another?
About the awesome tiding
On which they disagree.
Nay, but in time they will come to understand.
And once again: Nay, but in time they will come to understand!

The Quran
Chapter 78, ‘The Tiding’, Lines 1—5

I can fulfill the need of all of you, with one and the same piece of money. If you honestly give me your trust, your one coin will become as four; and four at odds will become as one united.

Rumi (1207—1273)


  1. Things As They Are
  2. Principles
  3. Potentials
  4. Contrasts
  5. Resurrection

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