The Writings of Khurram Ali Shafique

Khurram Ali ShafiqueAbout the Author

Khurram Ali Shafique is historian, educationist and playwright. His published works include The Republic of Rumi: A Novel of Reality (2007), Iqbal: An Illustrated Biography (2006), Damadam Ravan Hai Yam-i-Zindagi (in Urdu, 2003), Parables of Love (1997) and Samandar Ki Awaz Suno (in Urdu, 1993).

He is currently working as a research consultant for Iqbal Acaddemy Pakistan (Federal Ministry of Culture) on projects related to the life and works of Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal, including a five-volume comprehensive biography, the first volume of which was Damadam Ravan Hai Yam-i-Zindagi while the second is in the final stages of preparation. He was also the author of 'Life and Times of Pakistan', a 75-page cover story in Herald (Golden Jubilee of Independence Issue), August 1997, which subsequently led to the creation of the online Chronicle of Pakistan. He has also contributed over 200 articles to the national press on history, feminism, literature, cinema and other related issues.

As an educationist, Shafique has worked as a visiting lecturer, teacher-trainer and consultant for curriculum development with various institutions including Teachers' Resource Centre, Beaconhouse Schools System, Aga Khan Education Service-Pakistan and Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences.

His screenplays for television have mostly been based on Persian classics especially the Khamseh of the thirteenth-century Azerbaijanian poet Nizami Ganjevi.