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The Role Of Civil Society in Pakistan and India

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Notes on Speakers


Civil Society in India and Pakistan, Notes on Speakers

Based on the procedings of the seminar "The Role Of Civil Society in Pakistan and India:
Peace, Conflict Resolution, Democracy" by Jang Group of Newspapers (Pakistan) & Friedrich/Naumann Foundation (Germany), September 12-13, 1997 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi.

Text edited by Khurram Ali Shafique and Farida Z. Hemani

Notes on Speakers


Dr. Hamza Alvi (Chairperson) is a renowned scholar.

Dr. Manzoor Ahmad headed the Department of Philosophy at Karachi University before associating with Hamdard University as its first Vice Chancellor. He is a renowned intellectual of the country.

Abdullah J. Memon, former civil servant who left on his own to pursue more serious life of contemplation. He was also the former federal minister in the recent care-taker government.

Mr. I.A. Rehman is a senior journalist, senior columnist and a very inspiring crusader for human rights.

Mr. Khaled Ahmed, former editor of Frontier Post and consultant editor of Friday Times.

Mr. Kaiser Bengali is a well known economist from Islamabad working with various research institutes. Presently, he is situated with the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI)

Mr. Karamat Ali is the Director of the Pakistan Institute of Labour, Education and Research, and has been closely connected with trade unions and political activism.

Dr. Haroon Ahmed is a leading psychiatrist. He has been very closely associated with society’s problems.


S.V. Raju is the Editor of Freedom First, a famous liberal magazine from India. Was a member of the Swatenter Party, a liberal party founded in 1959 by Rajagopalacharya. Is a member of the executive committee of the Centre for Economic Education. He has authored a number of books including The Fundamental Rights and the Citizens and Democracy and Development. He lives in Bombay.

Mr. Nitai Mehta prefers to work in what we loosely call the social service but which is actually service to the community. He is a founder member of Youth For India.

Miss Poonam Barua is the Director of Public Affairs Management, an independent consultancy organization specializing in corporate and institutional representation and Public Diplomacy. She has also spent 13 years as programme adviser with the United States Information Service within New Delhi where she was working on India-Pakistan relations.

Dr. Sri Ram Khanna, from Faculty of Commerce and Business, the University of Delhi. Also the Chairman of Consumer Co-ordination Council – a coalition of NGOs working in consumer affairs. He is the author of three books on international trade and a specialist in international trade in textile and clothing. His father was born in Rawalpindi, while Sri Ram Khanna himself was born in Delhi. His work on consumer litigation has filled a void in civil society in India.

Mr. Raj Chengappa, has worked for sixteen years with India Today and is highly regarded for his objective and analytical policy pieces. He is also a former Fellow of Henry Elstinson Research Centre in Washington, D.C. and well-respected in the international community for his views on nuclear non-proliferation.

Mr. Khorakiwala from Bombay is an eminent business man and ex-Sheriff of Bombay. He has served as the ex-President of Indian Merchants Chamber and Associate Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India. He is also a social activist and President of the Citizens Council for Better Tomorrow.

Dr. Navnita Chadha Behera is an Assistant Research Professor at the Center for Policy Research, New Delhi. She’s been working on a wide range of issues regarding political, social and economic relations between India and Pakistan and she is presently writing a book called Building Bridges Between India and Pakistan.

Source: The Role Of Civil Society in Pakistan and India:
Peace, Conflict Resolution, Democracy: Procedings of the seminar
by Jang Group of Newspapers (Pakistan) & Friedrich/Naumann Foundation (Germany).
Edited by Khurram Ali Shafique and Farida Z. Hemani

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