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Constitution of 1956


Part 1: The Republic and its Terrirtories

Part 1 consisted of Articles 1 and 2. It defined the republic of Pakistan and its territories. For the first time the country was named "The Islamic Republic of Pakistan."

Part 1. The Republic and its Territories

Article 1

(1) Pakistan shall be a Federal Republic to be known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and is hereinafter referred to as Pakistan.

(2)The territories shall comprise:-

(a) the territories of the Provinces of East Pakistan and West Pakistan;
(b) the territories of States which are in accession with or may accede to Pakistan;
(c) the territories which are under the administration of the Federation but are not included in either Provinces; and
(d) such other territories as may be included in Pakistan

Explanation: In the Constitution, the Province of East Pakistan shall mean the Province known immediately before the Constitution Day as the Province of East Bengal, and the Province of West Pakistan shall mean the Province of West Pakistan set up by the Establishment of West Pakistan Act, 1955.

Article 2

Unit Parliament by law otherwise provides, the President may, by Order, make provision for the government and administration of the territories specified in subclauses (b), (c) and (d) of clause (2) of Article 1.


Source: Documents and Speeches on the Constitution of Pakistan
By G. W. Choudhury (1967). Green Book House, Dacca (East Pakistan)

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