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Jinnah's condolence on the death of Gandhi

Jinnah and his colleagues, London 1946Gandhi and Jinnah remained proverbial antagonists from nearly three decades, and it was Jinnah's differences of principles with Gandhi in 1920 that put Jinnah on the path that eventually led to Pakistan. Gandhi was opposed to the idea of partition (and Pakistan) right to the end, but played a major role in containg the violence in West Bengal in 1947, supported Pakistan's claim to immediate release of its cash endowments from the Indian reserve bank and, shortly before his death, declared his resolve to live in Pakistan in order to forge good relations between the two countries. He became increasingly unpopular with the Hindu extremist groups and was assassinated by a member of RSSS on January 30, 1948. His death was officially mourned even in Pakistan (all Government offices remainec closed on January 31, 1948). Jinnah's condolence message is untypically charged with emotions but carefully worded.

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Jinnah's condolence message on the death of Gandhi

January 30, 1948

I am shocked to learn of the most dastardly attack on the life of Mr. Gandhi, resulting in his death. There can be no controversy in the face of death.

Whatever our political differences, he was one of the greatest men produced by the Hindu community, and a leader who commanded their universal confidence and respect.

I wish to express my deep sorrow, and sincerely sympathize with the great Hindu community and his family in their bereavement at this momentous, historical and critical juncture so soon after the birth of freedom and freedom for Hindustan and Pakistan.

The loss to the Dominion of India is irreparable, and it will be very difficult to fill the vaccum created by the passing away of such a great man at this moment."

Soucre: Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Speeches and Statements as Governor General of Pakistan 1947 - 48. Published (1989) by Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Directorate of Films & Publications, Islamabad (Pakistan).

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