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Resignation of General (Rd) Gul Hassan

Retired General Gul Hassan was serving as ambassador of Pakistan in Greece in April 1977 when he resigned in the wake of the anti-Bhutto demonstrations back home. He accused Bhutto for the break-up of Pakistan in 1971 and bent upon its complete annihilation now. The resignation was much publicized in the world media and resulted in an FIR lodged against the General in Pakistan.

Resignation Telegram
FIR against Gul Hasan

Resignation telegram of General (Rd) Gul Hassan

Most Immediate
14 April 1977
Prime Minister House

From Ambassador for Prime Minister

The sooner you realise that you have miserably failed people of Pakistan the better. You have precipitated calamitous conditions in country resulting in wanton killings, destruction of property and violation of human rights only to perpetuate yourself in office. Agitation against you is growing rather than subsiding as you had probably envisaged because of forces of terror you have let loose in country in which you allegedly claim to have ushered in democracy on assuming office on 20th December 71. Indeed you have exploited nation to build up your own image and for self-aggrandisement. Soon after assuming office in 71 it transpired that you were chief architect in dismemberment of country and I pray to God that your intentions which seem similar to those you harboured in 71 do not materialise as it would leave 70 million of our people with no homeland - which was achieved after endless sacrifices whilst you were still in Bombay still desperately trying to secure Indian citizenship.

Opposition leaders and people have demanded your resignation and holding of fresh elections under Army's supervision which is only way to rid country of the crisis for which you are solely responsible. Whereas you desire a dialogue with opposition leaders, let me tell you in no uncertain terms that fact is that you have no credibility left in what you say and do. So unless you meet the opposition demands loss of life and property will continue. You appear to be under erroneous impression that Army will come to your rescue. Recent events in country should convince you that our Armed Forces did not support the regimes of Ayub Khan and later Yahya Khan both of whom belonged to its ranks. As far as your relations with Army are concerned they are superficial because you have missed no opportunity to make every effort covert and overt to malign Army ever since you took reigns of power in December 71 and because of which I had to resign as Commander in Chief of Army. Armed Forces have always acted in best interests of country and not to prop up an unpopular and unwanted authoritarian dictator like of which has never been inflicted on our nation.

In view of this I find it incompatible with my conscience to serve a government headed by you any longer. Do not misread this as an opportunistic political venture on my part as I have only taken this step in hope that this gesture of mine will add some weight to those of millions of our nationals who have just about had enough of your government which can be rightly termed as of Bhutto, by Bhutto and for Bhutto and which in your terminology is "Democracy."

Gul Hassan

FIR Lodged Against General (Rd) Gul Hassan

FIA No. 26.


FEDERAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN (First Information of A Cognizable Offence) Office of the FIA/SIU Headquarters, Islamabad.

Case No. 9

1. Date and time of report: 5.5.1977 1430 Hours.
2. Place of occurrence: Athens (Greece).
3. Name and address of complainant or informer: Mr. S.K.Q. Naqvi, Deputy Secy. Ministry of Interior, Govt of Pakistan, Islamabad.
4. Name and address of the accused: Lt. General (Retd) Gul Hassan, former Ambassador of Pakistan in Greece.
5. Nature of offence: Rule 49 of Defence of Pakistan Rules, 1971.
6. Steps taken regarding investigation: Investigation taken up.
7. Result:

BRIEF FACTS: Copy of letter No. 10/10/770 Poll. I (1) dated the 5th May, 1977 from Mr. S.K.Q. Naqvi, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Interior, Govt. of Pakistan, Islamabad endorsed by Director General FIA:

SUBJECT: Registration of a case against Lt. General (retd) Gul Hassan, former Ambassador of Pakistan in Greece.


I am directed to say that Lt. General (retd) Gul Hassan, Ambassador of Pakistan in Greece resigned from the office through a telegram addressed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. In his telegram, he, inter-alia, charged the Prime Minister for precipitating calamitous conditions in the Country resulting in wanton killings, destruction of property and violation of human rights only to perpetuate himself in office. He charged that the Prime Minister was Chief Architect in dismemberment of the country and had similar intentions about the rest.

The news of the resignation with the reasons stated by the Ambassador were flashed in the world press. The manner in which General Gul Hassan pronounced his resignation in Greece and his telegram amount to prejudicial acts, because these tend to bring into hatred or contempt and excite disaffection towards the Government established by law in Pakistan. This act of the former Ambassador is punishable under rule 49 of the Defence of Pakistan Rules, 1971.

You are, therefore, requested to get a case registered accordingly and investigated under intimation to this Division.

Your Obedient Servant,

Sd/-(S.K.Q. Naqvi)

Deputy Secretary

Tele: 26403

Contd … P/2

Deputy Director/Crime (Agha Hadi) for immediate necessary action.

Sd/-(M. Aslam Hayat) D.G. 5.5.77

The contents of the letter reproduced above, indicate prima facie, the commission of an offence punishable under rule 49 of Defence of Pakistan Rules 1971. A case is accordingly registered which I will investigate.

Sd/ (Agha Mohammad Hadi)

Deputy Director

No. HQ/SIU/77/Steno/76 to 81 Dated: 5.5.77

Copy to:

1. The Director General, FIA, Islamabad.
2. The Director (Crime) FIA, Hqrs., Islamabad.
3. The Deputy Secretary, Interior Division, Mr. S.K.Q. Naqvi.
4. D.M. Rawalpindi.
5. I.O.
6. Special Tribunal (For DPR Cases) Lahore.
Deputy Director
Federal Investigation Agency

Source: Memoirs of Lt. Gen. Gul Hassan
Oxford University Press, Karachi (1993)

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