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Mr. Ghazi Salahuddin, Editing Director of Jang Group of Publications, offered his thanks to the Indian guests, the Freidich/Naumann Foundation, Dr. Rene Klaff and Dr. Rainer Adam.

In response to the criticism that such seminars do not touch the common man (who do not understand English, the language used in this seminar), he said that the flagship of Jang Group of publications was the Urdu daily Jang and it was providing excellent and comprehensive reporting of the proceedings of this seminar.

He also emphasised that the Jang Group had taken the initiative of this seminar and that this seminar had been funded equally by the Jang Group and the Freidrich Neiman Foundation and not solely by the foreign sponsor. He also thanked his Editor- in -Chief, Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman for taking interest and providing support.

He said that this seminar had been different from other such seminars because a lot of thought had been put in the design of the seminar as well as the choice of the speakers. They had only invited people whom they felt were genuinely interested in civil society issue, were experts in their respective field and not just anyone off the street. He felt that a lot has been learnt and exchanged and many useful things have come out of it which need to be built upon and pursued further.

He said that the Jang Group of Publications also had a civil responsibility of "Public Jounalism" to fulfil and arranging this seminar has been a step in that direction. He said that" An open society is the vested interest of the print media" He assured that the proceedings of this seminar would be translated into both English and Urdu and published in the form of books.

Lastly, he thanked the Indian guests for their co-operation and said that he looked forward in future such support from them.

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