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4 Civil society and conflict resolution

Khorakiwala | Khaled Ahmed | Poonam Barua | Haroon Ahmed | Navnita Chedha Behera | Kaiser Bengali Rainer Adams | DISCUSSION | SESSION CONTENTS | HOME

Session 4 CONTENTS

Q. In discussing the inadequacy and poor development of civil society in our part of the world, the economic dimension has been by-passed. The economic deterrents need to be addressed to create efficiency on both the sides.

Sultan Ahmed

Q. Problem with our government is that whenever we have lawlessness, terrorism or chaotic disorder, higher government functionaries accuse the Indian agencies to have created the trouble. Why do the political parties blame agencies abroad to train terrorists and killers? Why can’t we have an effective media to inform the people of the real situation and whole truths? It all depends on our own perception and unity. Why haven’t track 2 been successful in addressing these issues and which channel would you call that?

Dr. Sri Ram Khanna: Whenever there is a bomb blast in India, we are told that there was Pakistani hand behind it. We are made to believe that the Pakistanis want to destroy us. During this dialogue, we must address the dirty accusations that we like to push under the carpet.

Q. Seminars like this don’t influence the minds of the masses.

Q. The whole problem between Pakistan and India is not lack of communication. The real problem is that terrorist activities here are always said to be emanating from India. This is a very serious problem as it negatively influences the mind-set of people who no nothing better. Real friendship can only result when we ask important questions like "who is doing it" "why are they doing it" and "how to stop them"

Rashida Patel

Q. I like the title of this conference and especially the words in it. "Peace, Conflict-Resolution and democracy"

Maliha Rizvi

Q. Do you intend to pass some resolutions? May I suggest cutting the defence budget by at least 25% and diverting the savings from this towards education, health facilities, infrastructure development and social sector. Also, more people to contact should be encouraged through relaxation of visa restrictions.

Azhar Jamil

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