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with special emphasis on

Market economy as an instrument of conflict resolution

Parallel Channels

Role of economic and business community as a stake holder in India/Pakistan dialogue

The present state of civil society in Pakistan and India

Mr. Khorakiwala

Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards.

Khaled Ahmed
Free market is terrible for both India and Pakistan. It’s going to be very destructive. But both countries will have to decide what they want to keep. Is their nationalism worth keeping? Is their indoctrination, stereotyping of each other worth keeping?

Poonam Barua

Greater public information and knowledge are contributing to the pressures for the government to perform on both sides.

Dr. Haroon Ahmed
My humble submission is to consolidate messages and pack them so they are acceptable to the current mental set.

Dr. Navnita Chedha Behera

There are a few positives, I think we need to build upon them.

Kaiser Bengali

Pakistan does not have local government. It doesn’t exist.

Dr. Rainer Adams
"It's possible..."



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