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This memorabilia belongs to the Chatan, an Urdu weekly issued by renowned activist journalist Shorish Kashmiri in the early days of Pakistan. The following text appeared on a brochure distributed in 1950.


The only leading illustrated Urdu Weekly of West Pakistan

Editor: Shorish Kashmiri

Best Medium for Advertisements

Office: 88, McLeod Road, Lahore


Telegrams: "CHATAN", LAHORE

In force from 1st January 1951

Advertisment Tariff

Ordinary Position

Casual: Rs 4/8

Advertisements relating to Railways, Shipping, Government, Municipalities, Court Notices, Public Notices, Local Boards, District Boards, Company Prospectuses, etc., will be charged at 4/8 per coulmn inch per insertion

Contract rate

50" and over: Rs. 3/8


3rd cover: 25% extra

2nd cover: 50% extra

4th cover: 75% extra

Mechanical details

Length of Column 12 1/2" No. of Columns to a Page 4

Width of column 2 1/2" Full Page 50"

Pages 24 including covers

Screen used 45 to 80


Terms of Business

1. All advertisement charges are strictly payable in advance, except in case of approved accounts, when bills are rendered monthly and are to be paid within 15 days of presentation.

2. Copies of advertisements must reach the office at least four days prior to the date of publication and if not so received will be published in the next issue unless specially forbidden in the instructions.

3. All space contracted for must be used within the contract period and excess space consumed during the contract period will be charged at the contract rate.

4. If the Advertiser neglects or fails from whatever cause (a) to pay his Bills regularly month by month, (b) reasonably to comply with the General Rules appended hereto then whenever such neglect or failure shall come to their notice, the Management shall be at liberty to suspend the publication of the advertisement and/or to cancel the contract, should they think fit, and forthwith to recover from the advertiser all sums due and payable under the contract.

5. The management reserves the right to refuse or suspend the publication of any advertisement, also refuse any contract at any stage and under any condition, without stating reasons.

6. No condition other than those set forth in the contract on the date of signature shall be deemed to form part of the Contract.

7. For purposes of Court and legal proceedings the jurisdiction will be LAHORE.


Source: A brochure distributed in 1950

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