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Nake Perveen (1909/10)

The following is an exceprt from Act I, Scene 2 of Nake Perveen (also called Silver King), written by Agha Hashra Kashmiri in 1909 and staged in 1910. In this dialogue between Afzal and his faithful servant Tehseen, the dejected Afzal who considers himself unsuitable for his chaste wife and innocent daughter and seeks refuge in gambling and alcohol can be seen as a symbolic representation of the disheartened Muslims after the end of Muslim rule in India finding themselves unequal to the role of being custodians of true faith.

Agha Hashr Kashmiri

Source: Agha Hashr Kay Dramay Volume 3, Edited by Ishrat Rahmani, Majlis Taraqqi-i-Adab, Lahore

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