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Guzra hua zamana

'Guzra hua Zamana' ('Time Bygone') is a short story by the Indian Muslim reformer Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (1817-1898) first published in his popular magazine Tehzeebul Akhlaque in 1873. It is the story of an old man looking back at his life with dismay on the last day of the year when a houri descends from the sky and introduces herself saying, "I am the spirit of all human beings." She says that she can be won through deeds which benefit the society collectively. While the noble deeds done by the oldman in his prime did not match this criterion, his despair is only increased when he wakes up to realize that this was a dream and he is, in fact, a young man with a lifetime ahead of him. "Do as your bride has told you to do," says his mother.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan


Source: this piece is included in several anthologies and textbooks

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